Cinch Signature™ Just For Me Combo with Cold/Warm Compress

You’re supporting so much… let us support you!

Pregnancy and childbirth can stretch you in ways you’ve never imagined, and it puts your body through so much! It’s vital to have support systems for all of life’s big changes, and our Cinch Signature tummy wraps can give your tummy just the support it needs to support you after pregnancy as you recover from all that amazing body of yours has been through! It’s not about shrinking (even though that happens too), it’s about letting your body be held and supported in the same way that you’ve done for your little one.

Cinch Signature is a luxury collection of postpartum wraps for after natural /c-section birth, with back support and hip shaper.

•  The only wrap with 360 degree controlled and even compression. 

•  Zipper Closure with twice the compression 
•  Tension Control with superior elastic memory wings 
•  Adjustable panels that shrink with you
•  High quality & ultimate comfort
•  Embedded Negative Ion fabric lining that helps facilitate faster healing and      improve circulation

Cinch Signature™ comes in Grey or Pink, with 3 sizes to choose from, and our cold/warm compress panel.  With the included Cold/Warm Compress with this option, you'll have everything you need to soothe and support your tummy after baby!  *photos shown with removable cold/warm compress panel removed*

Smart Sizing™ for perfect sizing every time! Expands and shrinks with you,  View Smart Sizing™ Chart »


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